About Me

Howdy, I’m Bret Bernhoft, founder and producer of the Being Bipolar podcasts. I am a certified Web Analyst who thrives on pushing the envelope of discovery using the latest tech and Internet tools.  Being on the cutting edge and willing to take chances has been key to my success in cultivating a large, vibrant, online community.

I have created a community called “Being Bipolar” that currently has over 178,000 followers. It’s an online resource designed to provide a common space for the bipolar community to meet and share experiences. I also host a podcast for the community where I discuss relevant topics and share my own personal experiences.  The popularity of these podcasts is demonstrated by the over 250,000 downloads that have occurred since its inception.

Based in Portland Oregon, my work encompasses a variety of roles including analytics to track the performance of websites, Facebook pages, iTunes podcasts, etc. and Web development with a focus on increasing online traffic.  My services are available for hire, if you are interested in learning more, contact me at bret@bretbernhoft.com.


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